Media District Chiropractic

Massage Techniques

Effleurage: Light, gentle stroking with the flat surface of the hand.

Petrissage: Kneading of the muscles using the heel of the hand.

Friction Strokes: Use the heel of the hand, letting it slip along the surface of the skin.

Percussion: Tapping, using both hands simultaneously. Finger tapping (for the face), slapping with flattened back part of the hand (for the back), cupping the hand (for the back), hacking or karate chop (for the back) and lightly beating with a clenched hand (for the back). Be sure to keep your wrist loose when using these techniques.

*All movements should be done toward the heart.

Do's and Don'ts of Home Massage


  • Do - Be careful! Understand the difference in pain thresholds. Ask the person you massage the type of touch they like (light, deep massage, etc).

  • Do - Survey the body part you are working on before you start. Make sure there are no bruises or other signs of injury.

  • Do - Use quality oils and lotions. Look for products that have NO mineral oil as they tend to dry the skin.

  • Don't - Make quick or fast movements.

  • Don't - Forget your body. Use good posture when giving a massage and remember to bend your knees.

  • Don't - Use too much oil or lotion.

  • Don't - Massage an area that might be injured. If there are significant symptoms or they do not go away, consult your health care professional.